What Can You Buy From a Talbots Clearance Outlet?


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Talbots clearance outlet stores carry clothing from regular Talbots stores that is either damaged or part of an older collection, making it no longer able to be sold through regular stores. Outlets typically offer discounted prices so that the store can recoup some of the money spent on the clothing.

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Talbots stores sell clothing and related accessories targeted at young women in a moderate price range. Items sold by the store typically include dresses, tops, light jackets, shoes and accessories, such as jewelry, head bands and some bags and purses. As with other clothing stores, the stores carry different styles and designs of clothing to match each season. When a season passes, stores typically place older merchandise in a clearance section. Talbots clearance outlets allow regular stores to clear out space on the floor and in their stockrooms by sending off older unsold clothing without having to account for any loss in profits.

The concept of an outlet store originally appeared in the United States during the 1930s, commonly called factory outlets. These stores were attached to actual manufacturing plants, allowing the factories to sell products directly to consumers. The concept was expanded to include stand-alone stores that sold a variety of merchandise over time.

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