Where Can You Buy Pressure Earrings for Keloids?

Pressure earrings for dealing with keloid cysts and other ear problems can be purchased from a variety of vendors including Earlums, Delasco and Amazon. These suppliers carry both functional pressure earrings and stylish earrings, which can help to disguise problems with the ear and can enable wearers to remain fashionable while dealing with their keloids.

Earlums is a Web-based company specializing in non-piercing ear ornamentation. They maintain a large catalog of ear cuffs and other decorative jewelry alongside a small inventory of fashionable earrings meant to apply pressure to the ear and help those who suffer from keloid cysts. Their earrings are handmade and high quality.

Delasco is a dermatological lab and supply company that stocks functional, utilitarian pressure earrings along with a huge array of additional dermatological treatment supplies. The site has options for bulk ordering, useful for dermatologists and pharmacists keeping their places of business stocked and smaller scale orders for individuals and small groups.

Amazon is an online marketplace full of both decorative ear jewelry and therapeutic items like pressure earrings. The site also has many intersections between the two, aesthetically pleasing pieces which help with keloid cysts. Each piece of jewelry comes with a landing page to explain its properties and origins.