Where Can I Buy Prell Shampoo?

Prell shampoo can be purchased at Walgreens drugstores and at Walgreens.com. The shampoo is also available from Amazon.com. Prell cannot be shipped to California as it is noncompliant with a law that restricts certain chemicals.

This product is considered safe for use on all hair types and is free of alcohol to prevent drying of the hair. Prell is ideal for removing excess product from the hair and is water-based, so it leaves the hair clean without stripping the strands of their natural moisture balance. The product also contains sodium chloride (salt), which purifies the hair and scalp and helps remove excess oil and dirt. Prell shampoo rinses easily, leaving hair shiny and full of body. Prell shampoo should be applied to wet hair and rinsed out thoroughly.