Where Can I Buy a New Tie?


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New ties can be purchased at Men's Wearhouse, The Tie Bar and Brooks Brothers, as of March 2015. The Tie Bar is an online merchant, while Men's Wearhouse and Brooks Brothers sell products online and in-stores. Men's Wearhouse allows a customer to purchase a tie online for in-store pickup.

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Each retailer has a variety of colors and fabrics available. Tie fits available include narrow, skinny, classic and modern. Popular patterns available include solid, stripe, polka dot, diamond and floral.

Ties are made from fibers including silk, satin, polyester, wool and cashmere. Ties may also blend multiple fiber types together. Silk ties are versatile, as they can be worn at anytime of the year. Satin ties are shiny and work well with suits. Satin ties also tend to wear out more quickly than other ties and any damage to the tie is noticeable.

Polyester ties have a similar appearance as silk ties at a lower cost. However, it is difficult to get scents out of a polyester tie, and it does not handle heat well. Wool is warm, making a wool tie a good choice during cold weather. Cashmere is considered a luxury fiber and projects a classy image. It is warmer than wool, but lighter.

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