Where Can You Buy Nerium Face Cream?

Where Can You Buy Nerium Face Cream?

Shoppers can buy Nerium face cream from the company's main website, Nerium.com. By becoming a preferred customer, buyers save $30 off of the $110 night cream, as of 2015. The Nerium day and night face creams are also available for purchase on Amazon and eBay.

The Nerium Combo Pack, which includes the day and night face creams, costs $165 on the Nerium International website. It is available for one-time purchases, but customers who sign up for the Auto-Delivery Order program receive a discount. This program costs $120 per month.

The Nerium International site also offers the Ultimate Combo Pack for only $150, which includes both day and night face creams with the NeriumFirm Body Contouring Cream. That brings the average prices to $50 per bottle of the different Nerium creams.

On Amazon, Nerium face creams sell at a variety of prices. There is not preferred or automatic shipment program on Amazon, but prices for the face creams and combo packs are compatible with the company's website or sold for less. The night cream may cost less than $68, while the day cream is sold on Amazon for as little as $31, which saves customers about $20 from the preferred customer price.

Similar deals are found on eBay for the Nerium face creams, with and without combo pack prices.