Where Can You Buy Hippie Beads?

Where Can You Buy Hippie Beads?

Craft and other online retailers, such as eBay, also sometimes sell hippie beads. Stores that cater to hippies are good resources for buying beads and beaded jewelry.

GypsyRose.com is a store based in Pennsylvania that markets itself as an authentic hippie resource. Its website has a large selection of beaded jewelry in the hippie style. These include Siddhartha, Rasta and dreamcatcher styles as well as hemp jewelry, chakra beads and love beads.

HippieShop.com is a New Jersey store that sells a large variety of hippie paraphernalia, including beads. Most of the beads come already designed into jewelry. The store features jewelry in hippie styles, such as peace and love bracelets, Rasta colors and hemp pieces.

ECanyons.com is a store based in Illinois that sells Indian arts and crafts. This includes hippie love beads. The beads come on a string either 48 or 60 inches. The love beads are ready to wear as they are, or they can be used to create unique pieces of jewelry.

Online retailer eBay sells a wide assortment of beads, include hippie and love beads. The selection varies as the pieces come from independent sellers. However, it's usually possible to buy both packets of loose beads and hippie beads already made into jewelry.

S&S Worldwide is a craft store specializing in hands-on learning projects that sells retro love beads in a package.