Where Can You Buy Henna Products?

Where Can You Buy Henna Products?

Henna products can be purchased from a variety of online retail outlets. Amazon.com, Walgreens.com and Lush Freshmade Cosmetics, as well as many other websites, offer henna dyes and cosmetics for sale.

Amazon lists a 100-gram package of pure henna powder for sale, which contains two packages of the powder, gloves, a shower cap and detailed instructions on how to use the hair conditioning product.

Walgreens sells several henna hair shampoos, dyes and conditioners. Most of them are not in stores and are only available for sale online at Walgreens.com.

Lush Cosmetics sells natural, synthetic-free hair dyes. Their henna and cocoa butter blocks look like giant chocolate bars in a variety of brown and black shades inspired by Russian Tea.

Mehndi.com is a henna resource website that has articles, links, tutorials and product guides that are all about henna, body art and tattoos. Their henna products are purchased directly online. They also have a customer service chat line where customers can get questions answered and make purchases as well.

Henna Hut is a website operated by Harvest Moon Cosmetics that sells natural henna hair dyes and shampoos. It also features an online henna community and forum where customers can ask questions or share resources and photos.