Where Can I Buy Henna Pens?

Henna pens can be purchased from a variety of online retailers, including HennaPennaUSA, Natural Chroma and USAHenna.com. These websites offer henna pens in a number of colors.

HennaPennaUSA sells the Henna Penna Tattoo Pen, which uses henna extract to create temporary tattoos that last for two to seven days. The website also sells henna products for the eyes, lips and eyebrows.

Natural Chroma sells Henna Penna Pen in natural, emerald, ruby red, jasper brown and black onyx. These all-natural pens can create up to 80 henna hand tattoos.

USAHenna.com also sells the Henna Penna Pen. The website notes that the lifespan of henna tattoos can be prolonged by regular reapplication.