Where Can I Buy Henna Ink?

Henna ink bottles and kits are available from mass retailers, online shopping centers and small specialty shops. Some craft supply stores sell henna kits and refill ink. Auction sites also sell henna ink.

Henna ink is a temporary body art solution that lasts from a week to two weeks.

Some retailers offer henna ink as a powder to be mixed with oil or water before using, while others sell the ink in liquid form. Henna pens are also available. Full henna kits usually contain ink, stencils, ideas for using henna and applicators. Some sellers offer bulk orders with discount pricing for professional henna artists. Professional ink is often sold in single-use cones for quick, simple application.

Henna ink is also sold as Mehndi, Mehendi or Mehandi ink. Mehndi is the art of painting the body and is centuries old, but it is relatively new in the United States. Mummified remains as old as 1200 BCE show traces of henna.

Aside from ink, other henna products are available for purchase. Some lipsticks, eyeliners and other cosmetics are made from henna. Hair dyes made from henna are also popular. An alternative temporary dye known as Jagua comes from the genipa americana fruit and produces a darker black dye. South American artists frequently use Jagua..