Where Can You Buy Flexinail?

FlexiNail products are available on several websites, including FlexiNail, Amazon.com and Yamcu. FlexiNail sells products in individual or multiple units and combination packages. Amazon.com sells FlexiNail products through the Beauty section of the website.

As of May 2015, the FlexiNail catalog offers a three-month supply, or two bottles, of the Nail Conditioner product. A double pack, or four bottles, is also offered at a discounted price. FlexiNails for Cuticles is available as a single container or double pack. FlexiNails for Toes and Fungus Relief for Toes are offered in single containers. The catalog also sells combination packages of different products. One combination package includes two bottles of Nail Conditioner and one bottle of Fungus Relief for Toes. A second combination package contains two bottles of Nail Conditioner and one bottle of FlexiNail for Toes.

Amazon.com offers the Nail Conditioner, FlexiNails for Cuticles and Fungus Relief for Toes. Yamcu links to Amazon.com for purchase of the same three products.

The FlexiNail website provides an online catalog, a FAQ section and customer testimonials. The FAQs provide information about product ingredients, usage and potential results. Detailed information about nail fungus is also available. FlexiNail.com allows customers to submit testimonials and pictures documenting product performance.