Where Can I Buy False Eyebrows?

can-buy-false-eyebrows Credit: Bally Scanlon/Photodisc/Getty Images

False eyebrows can be obtained by either visiting a professional salon that specializes in brow extensions or by purchasing a do-it-yourself kit. Several online retailers offer false eyebrow kits for sale. The kits come with full instructions on how to apply the brows.

There are two ways that false eyebrows can be applied. The first method involves visiting a salon that specializes in performing eyebrow application. A trained professional examines the client's brow area and decides which style of brow matches best with the client's facial features. The natural brows are trimmed, exfoliated and dyed. The professional then uses tweezers to apply each individual artificial hair strand inside the stenciled area. A glue formulation keeps the false eyebrows in place. This is the same procedure that is used to glue on longer hair extensions for hair weaves. Individually glued-on artificial eyebrows last for several weeks.

The second method involves purchasing an eyebrow wig kit. The eyebrows in the kit resemble natural brows and already have hair attached. To apply the brows, the user cleans their natural brow area to remove any residual makeup and oils. The adhesive backing is peeled away and each brow wig is carefully placed over the natural brow line. These temporary brows stay put for up to two days.