Where Can I Buy an Epilator Online?


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Epilators, which are electronic hair removal devices, are available for purchase online and in store at popular chain retailers such as Walmart, Target and Best Buy. They are also available online at Amazon.com.

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An epilator electronically pulls hair out of the hair shaft through a simulated plucking motion. Modern epilators rely on a set of rotating discs that move together and apart at the head of the device to pinch hair that is caught at the location of the epilator's faceplate. This gripping action collects the hair by pulling it out of the skin and then discards it. Epilators may be rechargeable or require batteries. Some come with electrical cords.

Using an epilator for hair removal is similar to the act of waxing, but it is slower and sometimes more painful than waxing. Epilators are intended to be a longer-lasting alternative to shaving, since the hair takes longer to grow back when it is fully removed from the shaft. Sometimes epilators snap hair off at the skin's surface instead of removing it from under the surface of the skin. This causes stubble to be left behind, similar to shaving. Due to the nature of the hair growth cycle, regular epilation eventually catches the hairs that were not properly removed.

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