Where Can You Buy an Empty Eye Shadow Palette?


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As of May 2014. one place where someone can purchase an empty eye shadow palette is with a company called Z Palette. Other suppliers are M-A-C, and Amazon.com. Empty eye shadow palettes are important tools for someone looking to organize makeup.

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Zena Shteysel is a Hollywood makeup artist who conceptualized Z Palette, after dealing with cumbersome assorted makeup containers. In order to reorganize, Shteysel came up with the idea for a general palette that would accommodate many brands of eye shadows into one magnetic universal case. In addition to the eye shadows, which stick to Z Palette by the bottom of their color pans, other types of makeup, such as cheek colors, can also fit into Z Palette. And for pans that are not metal, Shteysel designed special stickers, so pans can stick to the bottom of Z Palette.

M-A-C is another company that has specialized in the empty eye shadow palette market. M-A-C offers customizable eyeshadow palettes, to fit between two, and up to 30, M-A-C eye shadows. The buyer can choose from 130 different colors to fill their palettes. M-A-C artists also share their favorite palette combinations on the company's site.

Amazon.com also sells several different types of empty eye shadow palettes, including Z Palette and M-A-C. Amazon additionally sells types for true DIYers, who hold the skills to create their own eye shadow shades and fill them into coordinating palette pans.

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