How Can You Buy Conflict-Free Diamonds?

can-buy-conflict-diamonds Credit: Scott Kleinman/Digital Vision/Getty Images

In order to purchase conflict-free diamonds, a buyer should be knowledgeable about what constitutes non-conflict diamonds, ask questions about a stone's origin and request written proof of a stone's status. Utilizing a checklist of questions can aid in the process.

According to Jewelers of America, a conflict-free diamond (as opposed to a so-called "blood diamond") is certified by the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS). This U.N.-mandated process regulates 99 percent of the world's diamonds and guarantees that the stones have not been purchased from sources that fund armed conflict. A reputable jeweler only purchases KPCS-certified stones and should be able to answer questions about their diamond-sourcing policy, standards for ethical sourcing, and the origins of and tracking process for the conflict-free gems. Such jewelers also provide written warranties guaranteeing the ethical status of each stone. As a result of increasing global awareness of the impact of rare gems on armed conflict and commitments by jewelers to end the practice of purchasing blood diamonds, most commercial retailers and major department stores now sell only conflict-free diamonds. Conflict-free-diamond policies are often available on in-store copies or company websites.