Where Can You Buy Blue Cult Jeans?


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Blue Cult jeans can be purchased online through a variety of retailers, according to Overstock, Amazon and eBay. In order to find the right pair of jeans, buyers need to know the size they need and what to look for to verify that the product is a real Blue Cult jean.

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Blue Cult is a designer jean brand founded by French designer David Mechaly and by his wife Caroline Athias in 1999. The jeans have a unique appearance, which includes detailed stitching embellishments and their "ring-ring" construction that molds the jean to fit the curves of women's bodies.

To spot a real Blue Cult jean, look for three identifiers. First, the embroidery on the back is wide. Second, the rear tag should say "Blue," and the "Cult" part of the tag should be embroidered underneath, not screenprinted. Lastly, the center of the waistband needs to have the words "Blue Cult" embroidered, and on the right the style number and cut is specified. Real Blue Cult jeans will also list the size on bottom corner on the right. If any of these are not present, the jean is likely a fake.

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