Where Can I Buy B.U.M. Equipment Clothing Online?

Those looking for classic or vintage B.U.M. Equipment clothing and accessories can find those products available through eBay and other auction websites. Some retailers, including Walmart, also sell workout gear and similar clothing from the company, but shoppers will find that not all stores offer the same selection of B.U.M. Equipment products.

B.U.M Equipment opened shop in 1986 when a group of Seattle locals decided to form a new clothing company. According to the company's official website, those designers wanted to mock the current fashions available in the market. The company went from selling a few thousand dollars worth of sweatshirts to seeing sales of more than $1 million a year. Though the company started designing sweatshirts in a small garage, it quickly grew into one of the largest clothing companies in the country.

Chauvin International, Ltd. later acquired the company and helped it expand into other parts of the world. Though once a highly profitable company, B.U.M. Equipment experienced some problems in recent years, and fans of the line might find that many stores no longer carry the line. The website Zalora sells a variety of casual canvas shoes from the company, and shoppers can find woman's shoes available at other websites.