How Can I Bring Out My Green Eyes?

Bringing out green eyes is generally a matter of choosing makeup and clothing colors that make the eye color stand out. Contrasting colors such as purples and plums typically make green eyes "pop," and enhancing the green eyes with a green wardrobe also can be effective.

According to Taaz, green eyes stand out best when paired with makeup that has red undertones. Plum eye shadow on the outer edge of the eye makes green eyes stand out, especially when paired with mauve or raisin eyeliner. Using plum-colored mascara instead of the usual black also creates an effective and dramatic look for green eyes.

Clothing color choices are also key to bringing out green eyes. Once again, the purple spectrum is particularly good at making green eyes stand out, although any colors with blue and red undertones can work well. Anything from a lavender to a deep purple is a strong choice, and the various shades of burgundy also work well with green eyes.

Most shades of green also work well to bring out green eyes, including moss, olive and sage and even yellow-tinged greens. Green eyes look great with black and navy, but tend to be washed out when paired with beige or light blue. Rich browns with red undertones, such as cinnamon, also help bring out green eyes.