How Can Braids Be Weaved Into Hair?

How Can Braids Be Weaved Into Hair?

To create braided hair with a weave, a person needs extension hair and hairspray, and the extension hair should be wrapped around the natural hair while braiding all sections together. The extension hair can be any length or color.

When learning to braid weaves into hair, a person needs to take a piece of extension hair and wrap the fibers around a section of the natural hair. At that point, the natural hair can be placed to one side while the stylist wraps the extension around the strand.

After the piece of extension hair is wrapped around the strand, the stylist can then begin to braid the hair. After a short distance, the hair can be slid up toward the base of the braid to help it hold its tension.

With a good length of the natural hair left to braid, the hair should be split into two sections, and one of those strands should be combined with the extension hair. That will help the braid hold onto the person's natural hair more easily.

When the stylist reaches the end of the natural hair, it should be sprayed with hairspray to help it tuck inside the extension braids. The braiding should continue beyond the natural hair to the length of the patron's choice. The ends may also be sealed in whichever way the stylist chooses, from elastics to wax.