Where Can You Find a Boot Size Chart?


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TimsBoots.com, WesternBootSales.com and BootOutfitters.com all offer boot size charts online for those looking for a snug fit, as of 2015. WesternBootSales.com also provides conversion charts for non-U.S. sizing.

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Where Can You Find a Boot Size Chart?
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Tim's Boots provides easy instructions for measuring boot size to ensure a proper fit. The instructions include having a friend trace the buyer's foot and using the length and width measurements available on boot size charts to find the right size. Pungo Ridge Western Boot Sales advises measuring feet during the afternoon to get a more accurate fit that remains comfortable all day long. Other tips from the company include considering the socks and tights the wearer typically dons on any given day and performing a test walk with new boots to check how they feel.

Boot Outfitters notes that over 90 percent of the population has feet that fall within the normal width category. The company provides an example of notations for specific widths, including normal, wide and extra wide, and suggests that a good rule of thumb for workboots is to start trying on sizes approximately ½ size smaller than a wearer's average shoe size. Different both designs wear differently, however, and boot wearers have their own tastes in fit, making it important to gauge each pair of boots on an individual basis.

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