Where Can I Find a Book About How to Apply Tattoos?


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Books that teach how to apply tattoos can be found at many bookstores, online retailers and public libraries. There are a wide range of books available that teach the art, from beginning tattooing to more advanced skills.

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The biggest part of learning to tattoo is talent. In order to tattoo you should be able to draw and color inside lines. Once that skill is mastered, taking art and drawing classes can help the aspiring tattoo artist advance. Above all, practice is an important part of learning.

Many tattoo artists take an apprenticeship under someone else in order to learn the trade. An apprentice is often not paid a monetary sum but gains valuable training during the process. Often the apprentice will commit to working for the teacher for a specific amount of time in return for the training. Sometimes, people actually pay for the privilege of learning the skill.

Learning to be successful in tattooing can be a long process, often taking up to five years to master. During the apprenticeship the artist learns not only how to draw and apply tattoos but also safety and legal requirements and proper equipment usage. During this time, many tattoo artists also build a portfolio, which is a useful way to showcase their skills to potential clients.

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