How Can You Get Black and Gray Tattoos?

can-black-gray-tattoos Credit: Axlotl Pro/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

The best way to get a great black and gray tattoo design is to find a talented professional tattoo artist who specializes in doing black and gray work. Black and gray tattoos are admired for their intricate photorealism.

According to About, it's very important to shop around for the right tattoo artist. Since black and gray tattooing is a specialty, check out the work of several experienced artists in the area who specialize in this field. Browsing online is one way to find a collection of artists doing black and gray customized tattoos. For example, SD-too features several experienced tattoo artists in the San Diego area who create exceptional tattoo art pieces using the black and gray medium. Each artist on the site provides information about his background in tattoo art. Potential customers can look at examples of the artists' designs as well.

Getting recommendations from friends who have tattoos is another good way to find a good tattoo artist, notes About. Before contacting any artists, it's a good idea to browse online for ideas and inspiration for black and gray tattoo designs. Discuss any tattoo design ideas with artists to find the right one who can best bring it to life.