Can Beeswax Be Used to Form Dreadlocks?

Beeswax can be used to lock dreads into place; however, many individuals experienced with the processes for creating dreadlocks recommend against it. Because beeswax dries hair out and makes hair follicles and dirt stick to locks, most recommend using other products to lock dreads into place.

There is a widespread difference of opinion over the effectiveness of using beeswax on dreadlocks. Manufacturers and retailers argue that beeswax is an efficient product to use in forming and maintaining dreadlocks. Supporters of the product claim that negative outcomes only arise when beeswax is not used properly.

Consumers, both personal users and professional stylists, will often disagree with manufacturer’s claims. Numerous problems can potentially develop when using beeswax to lock dreadlocks.

First, beeswax is known to dry out the hair in and around the dreadlock. Next, the ingredients in beeswax coats hair, causing it to stick together. This is a problem because it prevents dreadlocks from naturally forming on their own.

Beeswax is also bad for dreadlocks because, while it does lock hairs into place, it also causes hair follicles and dirt to stick to the dreadlocks as they form. This can give clean dreadlocks a dirty appearance. Finally, beeswax can also trap water in the hair when it is washed. This causes bacteria to grow, creating mold and giving dreadlocks an unpleasant odor.

Creating and maintaining dreadlocks with the proper products will help the hair grow naturally and keep the locks fresh and clean.