How Can You Become a Hippie Chic With Hippie Hair?

How Can You Become a Hippie Chic With Hippie Hair?

Become a hippie chic with long, flowing hair parted in the center. Complete the look with bell bottoms, sandals and a peasant blouse.

  1. Grow your hair out

    If you don't have long hair, grow it out, or use hair extensions or a wig. Long, flowing hair is a classic hippie hairstyle. For men, a beard is a common addition to the hippie look.

  2. Style your long hair

    Dry your hair naturally, and part it down the center for easy hippie hair. Loose waves also make for a chic look. Braid the hair for another option. Complete the look with a few flowers or even a floral crown, which is a classic hippie-hair accessory. Be a dirty hippie, and don't wash your hair for a week or two.

  3. Dress the part

    To dress like a hippie man or woman, wear a loose shirt, denim bell bottoms, and sandals or clogs. Search vintage stores for clothing, and stick to natural fabric such as cotton, linen and hemp. Women can also wear a long maxi dress or long skirt. For the natural look, don't wear a bra or makeup. Accessorize with beaded necklaces. For other footwear options, try moccasins or boots, or try going barefoot.