Where Can I Find Barber Supplies?


In addition to shops in local areas that can supply barber shops with their necessary supplies, there are suppliers online. Among them are Bowman Beauty & Barber Supply, Appleton Barber Supply, Andis and Barber Depot.

Bowman Beauty & Barber Supply touts itself with the phrase, “Brand names for less everyday.” The company also has Spanish-speaking customer service representatives. It offers free shipping on orders exceeding $85. The company sells products from chairs and barber poles, to trimmers, razors, clippers, lathering machines, and massagers.

Appleton Barber Supply in Wisconsin sells online to licensed barbers, cosmetologists, and the general public. In addition to online purchases, the company takes phone orders. It also offers monthly specials. The company has a bevy of products, including what was mentioned with Bowman Beauty & Barber Supply. Their expanded selection includes: colognes, nose trimmers, brushes, hair waxes, moustache wax, neck dusters, shampoos, shaving supplies, sterilizing and disinfectant products, tonics, and more.

Andis is a company that features a barber division. Professional clippers, diffusers, adjustable blades, barber jackets, caps, hair dryers, and shavers, are some of this company’s many offerings.

The Barber Depot prides itself as a professional supplier for barbers and hairstylists, as well as the “one-stop-shop for professional barber and personal care products.” The company, which is located in New Jersey, also offers free shipping for orders greater than $85. The product range includes: barber furniture, clippers, shears, barber poles, combs, hair dryers, after shave lotion and more.