How Can a Bad Perm Be Fixed?

The easiest way to fix a bad perm at home is by loosening the curls using combinations of shampoo, oil and conditioner. This will not completely rid the hair of the perm but will help make the curls less intense.

Before anything is done to the hair, the split fishtail ends of a bad perm should be trimmed. Only the parts of the hair that are still straight should be trimmed to ensure that the curl pattern is not further disrupted. Once the hair has been trimmed, a conditioning oil treatment can be applied. Canola oil works best and should be applied to the hair until it is fully saturated. Hair should be covered in oil from the root to the tip.

Hair that is completely soaked in oil should then be covered with a plastic bag, or plastic hair cap, and wrapped tightly in a towel. The towel works to keep heat and moisture in while preventing the oil from getting on clothing and furniture. Once an hour has passed, the hair can be rinsed with a gentle shampoo and conditioned. For the best results, this process should be repeated several times until the hair is less curly.