How Can You Get Back to Your Normal Skin Tone?

There is no single solution to getting back to a person's normal skin tone, as it varies by each individual and by his or her skin tone, but sun protection is a strong necessity for all skin types. Though dark skin is most protected from the sun naturally, sun screen is still recommended in order to avoid pigmentation problems from unhealthy sun exposure.

To get back to a person's normal skin tone, a basic skin care routine is needed. Once the basic skin care routine has been implemented, a person must wait for the results. If a new skin care routine does not help, then seeing a dermatologist may be necessary.

For those with fair skin, a basic skin care routine would include a gentle cleanser and moisturizer as well as SPF 30 sunscreen to use during the day. Antioxidant boosts in moisturizers or sunscreen products are also recommended. At night, retinol or alpha-hydroxy acids are helpful.

For those with medium skin, a basic skin care routine would include a salicylic-acid wash to help with oil and breakouts. It is also recommended to use sunscreen as well. To avoid hyperpigmentation, use hydroquinone-spiked fading creams on spots from bug bites, scratches or melasma blotchiness.

For those with dark skin, the concerns are typically hyperpigmentation and acne scars. To avoid acne scars, use a cleanser at morning and at night. To avoid hyperpigmentation, try lotions that help to restore the skin.