How Can I Apply Eyeliner Like a Pro?


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To apply eyeliner like a professional, apply the liner close to the lash line, only outline the outer two-thirds of the eye, and start with a thin line and build it up in stages. Many eyeliner looks, from the dramatic to the everyday, can be achieved through practice.

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Every woman has an application method that works best for her. Experiment with a variety of techniques to find the most comfortable method. Some experts dot the liner along the lashes first and then connect the dots. Others prefer to draw a single, fluid line that follows the curve of the eyelid.

Before applying eyeliner, put on eye shadow. Once the eyes are ready for liner, begin by applying the liner close to the lash line. The closer the line, the better the results look. Try to get a bit of liner between each individual lash for best results.

Draw a thin line first, and build up to thicker, more dramatic looks. To add extra drama, thicken the line as it extends towards the outer corner. Lining the entire eye is generally unflattering, and drawing the line all the way to the tear duct tends to look too theatrical. Try lining the outer two-thirds of the eye for a dramatic yet flattering look that accentuates the eyes.

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