How Can You Apply Acrylic Nails at Home?


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Applying acrylic nails at home requires preparing the natural nails, gluing the tips in place, applying the acrylic and filing the nails into shape. To finish the nails, buff and polish them.

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Before applying acrylic nails, remove all nail polish. Push back and trim the cuticles. Even out the ends of the natural nails, and gently use the file to remove the shine from the nail bed. Use a brush to remove residual powder.

Next, glue a tip to each nail, and cut down to the desired length. File the ends smooth, and remove the shine from the tip. Apply a nail dehydrating liquid to the nail bed left exposed by the tip. Depending on the acrylic formula, it may be necessary to apply a gel primer coat and cure it under a UV lamp.

Set up a glass jar of acrylic monomer and another of acrylic powder. Dip the nail brush in the liquid, and then use the brush to accumulate powder. Place the acrylic bead on the nail tip, and pat it flat. Clean the brush on a paper towel, and accumulate another acrylic bead. Place this in the center of the nail, and pat it flat. Repeat the process for the base of the nail.

Use a nail file to shape the acrylic nail. Remove the dust, and use a nail buffer to shine the nail. Omit this step if using nail polish.

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