Can You Have an Allergic Reaction to a Tanning Bed?

can-allergic-reaction-tanning-bed Credit: Simon Wilkinson/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Individuals who are especially sensitive to ultraviolet radiation can develop allergic reactions to tanning beds, the Food and Drug Administration reports. The allergic reaction may be in the form of an itchy, red rash or other adverse effects.

The FDA warns that indoor tanning carries many additional risks, including an increased chance of developing skin cancer. Melanoma is the most deadly form of skin cancer and is linked to severe sunburns. Other risks of using tanning beds include premature aging and wrinkling of the skin, suppression of the body's immune system resulting in higher susceptibility to illnesses, and irreversible damage to the eyes, according to the FDA.

Some proponents claim that indoor tanning is less dangerous than being in the sun due to the lower radiation intensity, the FDA notes. However, sunlamps may be more dangerous than the sun because they can be used throughout the year at high intensity, the agency adds.