How Can You Get 360 Waves Fast?

How Can You Get 360 Waves Fast?

To get 360 waves fast, apply training lotion, brush your hair three times daily, wrap your head in a hot towel and prepare your hair for bed. This process takes several weeks and requires training lotion, a hairbrush, water, a towel and a stocking cap.

  1. Apply training lotion

    Apply a generous amount of training lotion to your clean, slightly damp hair. Distribute it with your fingers until all of your hair is saturated.

  2. Brush your hair in the direction of growth

    Place a hairbrush at the crown of your head, and pull it toward your forehead. Repeat 50 times. Place the brush at the crown, and pull it down to the nape of your neck. Do this 50 times, and then brush from the crown down each side of the head, toward your temples. Brush each side 50 times. Repeat this brushing regimen three times daily.

  3. Wrap your head in a hot towel

    Before going to bed, soak a towel in hot water, wring it out, and wrap it around your head. Do this gently to avoid disturbing the waves. Leave the towel on your head for several minutes, and then carefully remove it.

  4. Prepare your hair for bed

    Apply styling lotion throughout your hair, smoothing it over each section in the direction of growth. Brush each section 50 times, cover your head with a stocking cap, and leave it on overnight. Remove the cap on the following morning, and repeat the waving process every day.