What Can You Do With 100 Percent Human Hair Extensions and Wigs?

What Can You Do With 100 Percent Human Hair Extensions and Wigs?

Hair extensions and wigs made with 100 percent human hair can be treated just like real hair, so they can be combed, shampooed, styled and color treated or permed. When wearing the human hair extensions or wigs, strong winds, heavy rain or other environmental factors can tangle or damage the hair and also make it visible to others.

100 percent human hair extensions and wigs are made to look and feel just like real hair. The hair can be styled to match the wearers style, colored to match their natural hair color and maintained in the same fashion as their own hair.

The human hair extensions and wigs can be combed, brushed, curled, blow dried and flat ironed to achieve any style desired. When brushing the hair, it is important to hold on to the hair from the top of the extension or wig portion and start brushing from the bottom first to prevent pulling the hairs from the lace.

In order to keep the 100 percent human hair in top quality condition, it should be washed once a week and towel dried when possible.

Wearing the hair

When wearing the hair make sure it is secured to the head properly. Avoid soaking the hair with rain or in a swimming pool and wear a hat when in high winds to avoid tangling.