How Do You Calculate Your Nursing Bra Size?


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To calculate a nursing bra size, use a soft tape measure or long ribbon and ruler to measure the breasts below the bust and at the bust. Compare these measurements to a nursing bra chart in order to find the correct bra size.

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First, measure the below-bust area by placing the tape measure underneath the bust and around the rib cage. Keep it relaxed without pulling tightly, and make sure it is completely even all the way around for accurate results. Measure in front of a mirror or have someone else help. Write the below-bust measurement down.

The next measurement is of the bust, sometimes called above bust. Wear a bra, and place the measuring tape at the fullest part of the breast. Again, keep the tape even all the way around. Write down this number as the bust measurement.

Use these two measurements to find the correct nursing bra size on a size chart. The below-bust measurement converts to a number, while the bust becomes a letter. For example, if the below-bust measurement is 30 inches and the bust measurement is 35 inches, the correct bra size is a 34C. A below bust of 30 inches and a bust of 37 inches becomes a 34D.

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