How Do You Buy Native American Clothing?


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To buy authentic Native American clothing, first choose a tribe, then find a native-owned clothing retailer. For example, Navajo Spirit offers Navajo clothing, while Oomingmak specializes in hand-knit Qiviut items. Alternatively, marketplaces such as Beyond Buckskin sell native clothing from a range of tribes.

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Each tribe offers its own clothing style and patterns. Navajo Spirit primarily sells scarves, dresses and coats with bright, geometric patterns. In contrast, Oomingmak products, made from Arctic musk ox underwool, come in muted colors with intricate knitted patterns.

Beyond Buckskin allows shoppers to buy both authentic Native American clothing and native-inspired designs from more than a dozen tribes, depending on product availability. Featured artists include members of Tlingit, Navajo, San Carlos Apache and Hopi tribes.

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