How Do You Buy Frankincense and Myrrh?


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To buy frankincense and myrrh, patronize a vendor such as Bulk Apothecary, Scents of Earth or Incense Warehouse. Frankincense and myrrh come in several forms, including essential oil and resin incense.

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Bulk Apothecary sells a blended essential oil that contains frankincense and myrrh. One ounce of this pure, concentrated oil scents up to 1 gallon of unscented base product.

Scents of Earth sells many varieties of frankincense and myrrh resin. Its products include powdered frankincense resin, Ethiopian black myrrh resin and Somalian sweet myrrh resin. Scents of Earth also sells frankincense oils sourced from India, Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya.

Incense Warehouse sells several forms of frankincense and myrrh, including incense sticks, essential oils and scented candles. The company also sells incense cones and powdered resins.

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