How Do You Button a Suit?

How Do You Button a Suit?

The key to remember when buttoning a suit is that you should never button the bottom button. When putting on a suit jacket, check to see what kind of jacket it is, then use a simple mnemonic to know which buttons to button.

  1. Check the number of buttons on the suit

    Suit jackets typically contain one to three buttons. Avoid wearing four-button suit jackets in a business setting. Single-breasted suits have one vertical row of buttons, while double-breasted suits have two.

  2. Use the mnemonic to button the suit

    Use the mnemonic "sometimes, always, never" when buttoning a suit. For a three-button suit jacket, you should sometimes button the top button, always button the middle and never button the bottom. Start the mnemonic in the middle for a two-button suit, always buttoning the middle button. One-button suits should always be buttoned.

  3. Leave the bottom button unbuttoned

    Never button the bottom button of any suit jacket. Unbutton all buttons when you sit down, then rebutton the appropriate buttons when you stand up.