What Is Business-Casual Attire for Young Women?


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Attire that is considered business-casual is determined by any dress codes that are in place at work and sometimes by the preferences of the person in charge, which means the definition can vary widely by workplace. The typical business-casual look covers the body appropriately and consists of neutral colors and classic pieces.

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Business-casual attire should be thought of in relative terms. What is considered to be covered, neutral and classic to one employer sometimes falls outside of the boundaries that another employer finds acceptable. To stay in a safe clothing range, stick to long skirts or pants and shirts with high necklines. Some employers find knee-length skirts and dressy capris acceptable as well.

Although clothes in neutral colors such as black, gray, navy, brown, ivory, khaki and taupe are preferred for business-casual attire, wearing accessories in brighter colors is acceptable in most cases. Adding a headband, scarf or belt to a neutral outfit allows the wearer to express her individual style while still dressing appropriately for the office. Some clothing choices, such as skinny jeans or lace tops, are too trendy for an office setting, unless the employee works in the fashion industry. In that case, dressing in a fashion-forward manner is often encouraged.

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