What Is Business Casual Attire for a Holiday Reception?

Business-casual attire for men includes a collared shirt and slacks. Casual skirts, dresses, blouses and pants for women are appropriate in a business-casual environment. All clothing should be laundered and well-maintained, without wrinkles.

Business casual is a common dress code for the workplace. It allows employees to maintain a level of comfort, while appearing professional to clients and co-workers. In addition, business-casual attire is more affordable than traditional suit-and-tie office wear. Appropriate business-casual clothing should be free of offensive material and maintain a level of modesty. Women should be aware of exposed cleavage, and dresses and skirts should fall at knee length or below. Clothing should fit well and not be exceptionally tight. Athletic shoes, flip-flops and slippers are not appropriate footwear in a business-casual environment.

At a holiday reception, attendees can elevate their business-casual look with finer fabrics and accessories. Shinier fabrics add a festive touch when paired with most basic business-casual ensembles. Adding a matte sequined drape to an office shift dress or putting a tweed sports jacket over a work polo is appropriate. It is not usually necessary to don the colors of the season at a holiday party, but it may add to the festive tone.