Is Burberry Weekend a Top-Selling Women's Perfume?


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Burberry Weekend is arguably a top-selling women's perfume. Strict, marketwide rankings are unavailable, but Weekend is listed eighty-eighth among Perfume.com's best-sellers as of March 2015, and it earns high ratings among consumers.

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Burberry Weekend for women has over 1500 reviews on Fragrantica.com, a popular perfume website. The perfume has gained considerable popularity since its development by Nathalie Lorson in 1997. Although "top selling" is somewhat hard to define, Burberry Weekend for women ranks among the top 100 best-selling perfumes on Perfume.com and has received a myriad of positive reviews by those who use it. Its popularity is due in no small part to Burberry's prominence as a brand and the unique scent of the perfume.

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