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Fashion templates, also known as croquis, can be made by using the proportions of one's own body, states The Fashion Workshop. Alternately, they can be drawn freehand using abstracted body shapes, as demonstrated by Snapguide.

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The Fashion Workshop recommends creating simple croquis by taking a photograph of one's own barely clothed body and tracing over it. This has two advantages over using a predefined template: the proportions won't be stretched out and narrow, as is often the case with predefined templates, and you can also design a custom fit from the ground up using this method. Photocopying the croqui allows one to create a fashion sketchbook.

Snapguide advises to freehand draw a croqui, starting with a simple hourglass figure divided into two, to represent the chest and pelvis. The two ends of the hour glass should be tilted in opposition to one another to create a dynamic stance. The legs should be added next, using ovals to demarcate the knee joints. The arm should be drawn next, using another large oval.

The arms should be posed by first drawing in ovular shoulders, then extending the upper arms from these shapes. Hands should be drawn in as half-diamonds. Once the shapes are blocked in, details can be added, such as shaping for the bust line. Use tracing paper to create copies of the croqui.

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