How Do You Get Brunette Hair at Home?


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Hair can be colored a rich brunette color at home by using an at-home coloring kit and making sure that the color is properly applied to the hair through techniques that are used in the salon. People who are looking for richer brunette colors should always choose dyes that have golden or red hues in them; people who are looking for a more chocolate brown should choose hair dyes that have ash in them.

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At-home coloring kits can be somewhat deceiving, so it is important to choose a color that is not too dark. Colors can look different on the boxes and most dyes that are labeled "dark brown" will come out as more of a black color. A good rule to follow is choosing a shade that seems like it will be one shade lighter than the desired color.

Applying on the roots of the hair first is the best way to color hair a dark and rich brown. The ends should always be done last. The length of the hair should be done in between the roots and the ends. Dye should be mixed with water for the ends if there are many split ends to help dilute the solution and prevent heavy color on these porous sections.

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