Why Bring Photos of Pixie Haircuts to Your Stylist?


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A customer seeking a pixie haircut should bring example photographs to her stylist to communicate the exact style she wants and avoid misunderstandings. Because stylists can create a number of different pixie hairstyles, the customer should have a clear idea of what she does and doesn't want. Bringing example photographs to her styling appointment can help her express her desires clearly.

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The term "pixie" refers to a number of close-cropped hairstyles for women. Some pixie hairstyles are extremely short while others include longer bangs or a shaggy appearance. Pixie hairstyles may be sleek or tousled, and some involve shaving or buzzing the sides of the head.

With such a variety of possibilities, the customer should research her desired style beforehand and find photos illustrating how she wants her hair to look. She can also bring photos of styles she does not like to help her stylist know what not to do. Example photos give the stylist a clear visual from which to work and illustrate how the desired cut works on specific face shapes.

With the customer's desire clearly defined, the stylist and her customer can work together to devise an ideal haircut. A customer who has a well-defined idea of what she wants from her stylist is more likely to leave her appointment happy with her new style.

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