How Do You Bring Out Blue Eyes?

How Do You Bring Out Blue Eyes?

Bringing out blue eyes is a simple process that only takes a few minutes to complete. To bring out your blue eyes, you need warm-colored eye shadow, mascara, concealer, eyeliner and different articles of clothing with earthy colors.

  1. Choose your eye shadow and eyeliner coloring carefully

    Pick an eye shadow base color that helps complement your eyes. Good choices for people with blue eyes include gold, silver and purple. You can apply other eye shadow colors to your eyelids that also accentuate the blueness of your eyes. Pink, green, yellow and teal are popular choices. Apply a brown, black or other dark color eyeliner to your eyes in thin layers.

  2. Apply mascara and concealer to your eyes

    Apply black mascara to your eyes to help make them pop. Go light on the mascara to avoid a comical look. Also, consider the use of concealer if you have bags under your eyes that you want to draw attention away from.

  3. Wear clothing in complementary colors

    When picking out your wardrobe, choose colors that are warm and earthy. Colors such as light brown and muted green are good options. These colors can complement and accentuate the natural calmness of your blue eyes.