How Do You Break in New Cowboy Boots?

break-new-cowboy-boots Credit: Ethan Miller / Staff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Break in new cowboy boots by spraying them liberally with boot stretcher spray. Then, insert a shoe stretcher, and adjust its length and width to apply gentle pressure to the leather.

  1. Determine problem areas

    Try on your boots to determine the most painful spots. Common problem areas include a tight toe box and a length that is slightly too small but not so much that it requires a larger size.

  2. Spray boots with stretcher spray

    Buy a boot stretcher spray that is safe for use on leather. When in doubt, ask a shoe store representative for advice because some stretcher sprays are not appropriate for all types of leather. Apply the spray to the tight spots on the boot.

  3. Insert a shoe stretcher

    Slide an adjustable stretcher into the boot while the spray is still wet. If the boot is too tight on your heel or toe, adjust the stretcher length so that it provides gentle pressure. For a tight toe box, adjust the width of the stretcher. Start with a very small increment because once you stretch the boot, it cannot be reversed.

  4. Steam the boots

    When you have stretched the boots to a more comfortable fit, heat a large pot of water to a boil. Hold the boots over the steaming pot until they are heated but not saturated with condensation. Put them on immediately, and walk around until they dry. This shapes them to the curves of your foot.