How Do You Break in Leather Boots?

break-leather-boots Credit: k.g. photography/Moment/Getty Images

There are many ways to break in a new pair of leather boots, including wearing them at home, spraying them, taking them to a professional and stuffing them. New boots often need to be worn for several weeks before they are truly comfortable.

  1. Stuff the boots

    When not wearing the boots, try stuffing them with a rolled-up towel. This can help to stretch the leather. It is also a great way to keep the shape of boots once you have broken them in.

  2. Spray the boots

    Mix equal parts rubbing alcohol and water in a spray bottle. Spray a light sheen of the mixture into the boots. This formula has long been used by shoemakers to relax stiff leather.

  3. Wear the boots

    Put on a few pairs of thick socks and wear the boots around the house. This extra girth around your feet and legs should help to stretch the leather and leaves the boots feeling more comfortable the next time you wear them.

  4. Take the boots to a professional

    If the leather boots prove to be particularly unwieldy, take them to a cobbler. Shoe repair shops can typically stretch a pair of new leather boots in about 30 minutes.