How Do You Do a Brazilian Blowout at Home?

How Do You Do a Brazilian Blowout at Home?

Brazilian blowouts are popular hair treatments that result in shiny and sleek hair. Instead of paying for one at a salon, you can achieve one at home in approximately two hours. The required materials are Brazilian blowout shampoo, Brazilian blowout smoothing solution, a measuring cup, a blow dryer, a round hairbrush, a color-application brush, a flat iron, four hair clips and gloves.

  1. Prepare your hair

    To prepare for a homemade Brazilian blowout, shampoo your hair twice with Brazilian blowout shampoo. Dry your hair with a towel, then divide it into two sections at the base of your head and two on top of your head, securing the sections with the four hair clips.

  2. Apply smoothing solution

    Once your hair is divided, apply one pump of Brazilian blowout smoothing solution to each section, stopping about three-quarters of the way to the scalp. After applying the solution, comb through your hair.

  3. Blow-dry your hair

    Keep the blow dryer pointing downwards at all times while holding it 2 inches away from your hair. Use a round brush as you blow-dry. Once your hair completely dries, use a flatiron on it.

  4. Finish the blowout

    After using the flatiron, rinse your hair with warm water. Finally, blow-dry again, still pointing the blow dryer downwards at all times and using a round brush.