What Brands Offer Clothing for Older Women?

Chico's, Eddie Bauer and Boden are brands that make clothing appropriate for older women. Their women's lines generally consist of clothing for women who aim for a more mature look that is both trendy and modern.

Chico's offers classic, high-quality clothing pieces that are built to last and do not go out of style. The modest, feminine cuts and lack of unnecessary flash in Chico's clothing line for women makes it age-appropriate for older women. Many of its pieces offer additional room around the midsection to help hide imperfections and are constructed to flatter various body types.

Eddie Bauer makes clothing that is both stylish and functional, making it ideal for a busy lifestyle. Its quality pieces for women are great for layering and easy to coordinate. Many of Eddie Bauer's pieces feature its exclusive FreeDry Technology that protects them from sunlight and moisture damage and prevents them from wrinkling. Eddie Bauer specializes in sportswear and casual clothing that is great for daily use and travelling.

Boden makes women's clothing that is specifically tailored to fit a mature woman's body. It offers both casual, everyday wear and profession career wear. Many of Boden's pieces feature vivid colors and bold patterns that are presented in a modest, sophisticated way, making them appropriate for older women. They make a statement without being flashy and over-the-top.