What Brands Make Scents That Are Similar to Designer Perfumes?


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Brands such as Stunt Double Scents, Parfums de Coeur and Saphir Perfumes make and sell copycat perfumes that mimic the scents of pricier designer fragrances. These scents are often sold under names reminiscent or evocative of their designer versions, such as Confess, instead of Obsession; Juliano, instead of Giorgio; Ninja, instead of Opium; Fairchild, instead of Vanderbilt; and Hampton, instead of Halston. Or, they make it very clear that they are copies, as in the case of Stunt Double Scents.

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Many copycat perfume makers are able to sell their wares at far lower prices than their designer competitors can. For example, a .33-ounce bottle of Chanel No. 5 Stunt Double sold for $9.99 in January 2016, while the smallest bottle of Chanel No. 5 eau de toilette spray offered through Chanel's website was $67.

There are no legal limitations placed upon the selling of scents, so lower-priced perfume makers are free to market their own versions of other firms' scents, so long as they choose a unique name for the copycat fragrance. Trade secrets prevent manufacturers at all price points from revealing how they formulate their products, but it has been claimed that lower-priced perfumes are likely to contain synthetic or artificial ingredients, while higher-priced scents are based on more natural elements. Makers of the lower-priced items, however, refute this assertion.

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