What Are Some Brands of Creams Containing Ceramides?

Some brands of creams containing ceramides include CeraVe, TriCeram and Remergent Barrier Repair Formula, as well as Soothing Barrier Repair Moisturizer, Atopiclair and Mimyx Cream. Ceramides are a type of lipid that keeps moisture in the skin. Ceramide containing moisturizers are useful in treating eczema and dry skin.

CeraVe uses a delivery technology known as multivesicular emulsion that allows ingredients to absorb into the skin over time, and it is available over the counter. Studies show that TriCeram, which is a Ceramide dominant barrier repair moisturizer, may be effective as part of a treatment plan for eczema. It is available over the counter, but it is expensive.

Remergent Barrier Repair Formula uses a delivery system known as merospheres, which have lipids that surround ursolic acid and cause cells of the epidermis to produce ceramides and retain moisture to firm collagen. It is good for wrinkles and moisturizing. Soothing Barrier Repair Moisturizer contains multiple chemicals to reduce inflammation in addition to ceramides, and it is only available for purchase in certain salons.

It is necessary to receive a prescription for Atopiclair, and it has FDA approval. Studies show Atopiclair is more effective at treating eczema than other moisturizers. Mimyx cream is also only available by prescription.