What Are Some Brands of Cheap Mermaid Tails for Girls?


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Costume Craze offers cheap mermaid tails for girls through their website packaged as full Halloween costumes. They retail between around $20 to around $50, as of 2015. Halloween Costumes also offers a mermaid tail on their website for around $40. Fin Fun Mermaid and Swimmable Mermaid Tails are also available for girls, but at a slightly higher price; these retail for around $60.

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Less expensive mermaid tails like those sold by Costume Craze and Halloween Costumes have the downfall of being simply for show. Fin Fun Mermaid and Swimmable Mermaid Tails offer fully functional tails that are not only immersible in water, but designed to allow the wearer to swim like a mermaid.

Mermaid tails produced by Fin Fun Mermaid are made of durable, comfortable fabric that does not fade in the sun. They come in many patterns and colors. The tails are designed to look and feel realistic, with textured scales and fin patterns. The monofin is equipped with a replaceable insert that helps propel the body while swimming. For safety reasons, the bottom of the fin is left open in case the swimmer needs to remove their feet in an emergency situation.

Fin Fun Mermaid also offers many types of swim suits to coordinate with their mermaid tails. They also produce beach bags and, for male customers, merman and shark fins.

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