What Are Some Brands of Body Paint?

Some popular brands of body paint are Snazaroo, Tag Body Art, Global Colours, Diamond FX and Cameleon Face Paint. These body paint manufacturers come from all over the world and their products are available internationally through their respective online shops.

Snazaroo is a UK-based body paint manufacturer established in 1989. Back then, it only supplied its products to fancy dress hire shops. It has since evolved into the world's leading supplier of water-based face paints and body paints. Snazaroo also produces other face painting supplies. The company's face and body paints are handmade, and the company adheres to strict toy and cosmetic regulations. Because their paints are water-based, they are easy to apply and remove. Snazaroo imports its products to over 20 countries around the globe.

TAG Body Art is an Australian company based in Adelaide Hills. TAG specializes mainly in glitters, body art stencils, adhesives, and professional face and body paints. TAG Body Art is known for its professional water-based make-up that has excellent coverage and is available in vivid colors. Professional artists are partial to TAG Body Art products such as Split Cakes and One Strokes. TAG products are also available around the world.

Global Colours is an Australian company established in 1992. Global Colours's face and body paint, also water-based, are considered to be ideal for theatre and performance. Global Colours Body Art was the official face and body paint for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.